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Our Digital Marketing strategies can deliver ridiculously good returns to any business.

Digital Marketing is all about the returns…

How much you’re spending versus how much you’re getting back in revenue – that’s what it’s all about, right? The numbers don’t lie. You’re either making money off your marketing investment or you’re not.

If you spent $20K next month on digital marketing, how much revenue would it generate? 10K? 40K? 75K? Maybe more? Our clients invest in our strategies because they work. They generate gobs of revenue. Let us show you how!

Are you ready to dominate the market?

Our performance driven and battle-tested marketing tactics are aimed at attracting and converting targeted leads.

Learn how to meet your revenue goals.

Kickstart your business with traffic generation, conversion, retargeting, and customer nurturing strategies.

Get a customized digital marketing strategy.

Contact us for your free, no-obligation 30 minute strategy and discovery session to find out how we can help your business meet your growth goals.

Chiropractor Lead Generation

Facebook campaign case study
A lead generation campaign for a chiropractor in New Haven, Connecticut,
reduced cost per lead by 67% while tripling conversion rate.



Cost per lead before



Cost per lead after



Reduction in cost per click



Increase in conversion rate


Facebook campaign case study
A CoolSculpting clinic saw a 1,800% increase
in their conversion rate – from 2% to 37% – for a procedure that generates
between $750 and $900 for the clinic.






of leads scheduled an in-practice consultation


Profit per procedure



Increase in conversion rate

Florida Mortgage Broker

Facebook campaign case study.
During the first 30 days of a Facebook campaign, an established lead gen funnel for a Florida mortgage broker realized a projected 6,259% ROI while producing 175 leads.



Commission per sale



Projected client return on investment


Mortgage leads in 30 days in Florida



Average cost per lead

Medical Malpractice

Adwords campaign case study.
In medical malpractice for a verticle where a single client can represent upwards of $1 million, In-Market Targeted leads performed 17 x better than standard targeting.



Increase in click-to-call rate, from 1% to 17%



Cost per call dropped by



Reduction in cost per click



In New Revenue

Chiropractor Lead Generation


Florida Mortgage Broker

Medical Malpractice


Our strategies take an integrated, multi-platform approach. We deliver dynamic digital experiences aimed at generating new sales through increased brand awareness, targeted engagement, and trust building.

We’ve developed tactics that will increase your customer base, improve brand and product awareness, and allow you to read your customers’ minds with highly targeted digital content. By creating a personalized platform to promote interaction and engagement, your customers will come to you.

We recommend deploying several strategies at once to deliver maximum ROI. Our proven inbound marketing campaigns combine sales-focused websites, content-rich blog posts, a dynamic social media presence, and paid online ads specifically optimized for engagement with your target audience.

MercDigital will show you how to attract dream customers to your site – customers that are interested in your product or service and ready to invest. We’ll help get your message out there by creating valuable content that will entice customers to engage with your product and current offers.

Market Analysis

PPC & Paid Search


Digital Content

Social Media


Learn more

Do you know your market?

We’ll help you recognize potential threats and evolving opportunities.

MercDigital will analyze your competition, evaluate your online presence, identify gaps in the market, and action a customized plan targeted at increasing website traffic and revenue. We’ll capitalize on current trends, exploit opportunities for growth, and turn your competitors’ unhappy customers to your door.We take a collaborative approach to understanding your industry and creating a marketing plan that will work for you. Our overall goal at MercDigital is improving the return on your investment. We do this by broadening your customer base, driving leads to your site, and optimizing your conversion rate. Our market analysis will show us which tools are best employed to generate sales for your company. We want to make you money!Learn more About MercDigital’s Market Analysis Services.

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Make Google work for you.

Take advantage of Pay-Per-Click, Google Ads, and auto suggest results.

Google can be a powerful tool for your business. Get on top of the search engine results using a range of strategies that start with great copy, and continue with Google Adwords, and full campaign promotion. MercDigital will incorporate Google Search Ads to target ready-to-buy customers, as well as Google Display Ads that follow potential customers around the internet to build awareness of the ways your company can solve their problems. Google is more than just a search engine. It can also be used as a powerful tool for developing an actionable marketing strategy. In creating your customized digital marketing plan, MercDigital will find out exactly what your potential customers are searching for. We move beyond keywords and look at the specific questions your target audiences are asking when they search online for anything related to your industry. By identifying the actual problems faced by your potential customers, we’ll show you how you can tailor your digital content to clearly meet their needs. Learn more About MercDigital’s Paid Search & PPC Services. See less

Out-rank the competition.

We focus on ‘user intent’ to get you on top of your target audience’s search engine results.

Inbound marketing relies on solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Every time a potential customer searches for help to solve their problem, you want to appear on top of the list on their search results page. Getting you ranked highly in search engine results requires knowledge and experience with the way search engines work, an awareness of user intent, as well as market research into keyword searches specific to your industry. MercDigital’s SEO specialists will create online content that will make you easy to find.It’s not enough to simply have the search engines finding and liking your page. It’s critical that your website content is written with your audience in mind. They have to choose to click on your link! Mindless regurgitation of keywords will lose you more customers than you could possibly attract with SEO. MercDigital’s SEO specialists will create informative online content, captivating snippets, relevant slugs, and click-friendly meta descriptions that will ensure both the bots and actual people like what you have to say. Learn more About MercDigital’s SEO Services.

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Get your message out there.

Become a market authority with valuable and accurate content.

Our written digital content strategies will ensure you are presenting potential customers with timely and relevant content. We’ll optimize your online content to ensure your readers are getting exactly what they want from your site – engaging, informative, and compelling copy.Using data from our market analysis, we’ll focus your readers’ attention on the ways you can deliver something of value to them. Our specialized SEO, copywriting, and video production services will help you funnel website visitors through your site towards the offer that best suits their needs.  The strategies we employ will optimize your conversation rates by making sure your written and visual content delivers the right message. We’ll keep your readers on the page and clicking through your site by providing the information they need to commit to making a purchase.Learn more About MercDigital’s Content Services.

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Engage with your audience.

Drive sales with a personal and interactive approach to marketing.

With 2.4 billion monthly users, Facebook offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to expand their reach. MercDigital will promote your company to the audiences most likely to deliver customers resulting in the best ROI for you.As with all aspects of a successful marketing campaign, we don’t choose only one social media platform to market your brand. And we don’t jump into any channel following the exact same strategies we used on a different channel. MercDigital will stay true to your company’s identity while varying our approach to match the format and demographic of each social media platform.Your clients want you to solve their problem. We’ll help guide them through your site with a consistent message between their initial social media engagement, landing page, and sales funnel. We’ll show you how to use social media engagement to build your online presence and create momentum for your sales campaigns.Learn more About MercDigital’s Social Media Services.

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Data-driven analysis for continued results.

Continuous testing and tweaking ensures our strategies continue to perform for you.

Instead of just making guesses and hoping something works, MercDigital will discover which platforms and which triggers are most likely to result in customer engagement and conversion.Are you targeting the right audience with your online presence and the messages you send? Do you know the average age of potential customers in your market? What are their others interests? Where do they spend their time when online? Where is their attention focused? Are they visiting your website via desktop or mobile devices? With the use of actionable analytics and proven strategies to test potential markets, MercDigital will help you find the audience that will deliver the best ROI. We’ll create a steady flow of high-quality traffic to your site – people who like what you have to say and are ready to sign up.Learn more About MercDigital’s Analytics and Reporting Services.

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We’ll show your customers why they need you. NOW!

Our marketing tactics will drive sales by helping you establish a strong online reputation and forge a new level of intimacy with your potential client base.

Conversion Rate Optimization relies upon a smooth user experience

It is essential to create an online presence that is enjoyable and easy for your users to engage with. Make a great impression with digital marketing strategies that consider the impact of personalization on marketing performance. 

Our strategies consider your goals for long-term growth.

We all love tactics that result in an instant bump in conversion rates. But an effective marketing campaign gives equal weight to nudging future customers closer to making a purchase. We use market segmentation for optimal targeting and positioning.

Customized strategies tailored for maximum performance.

For the most effective campaign, we recommend a two-pronged approach to double your reach and double your impact. Don’t rely on a single source of traffic or a single method of engagement. Combine Google Ads with Facebook Sponsored Ads. Combine dynamic social media engagement with informative, static blog content. Run parallel promotions targeting different audiences to test responsiveness. 

Ready. Set. Sell!

MercDigital’s inbound marketing tactics are perfect for startup companies ready to launch themselves into the market. We take the guesswork and frustration out of promoting your new business. MercDigital’s marketing experts will take care of building your customer base and send leads to your door. You can remain focused on perfecting your product or service.


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MercDigital will show you how to get out in front of the competition.Our highly talented team of digital strategists, content marketers, social media specialists, and designers will help you reach your growth goals. We’ll drive qualified customers to your website through a combination of paid and organic traffic. We’ll engage your audience to create loyal brand followers. We’ll help you set up an automated system that nurtures your leads for you allowing you to focus on your business. We take a results-driven approach using analytics and reporting systems with full transparency, so you stay in control.Let MercDigital help you build your brand and explode your sales.

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