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Not getting the results you want from your online advertising? Overwhelmed by confusing marketing jargon? No time to implement the marketing strategy you know you need? MercDigital’s foolproof marketing approach makes it easy to identify the barriers to your business success and make the changes you need to see immediate results.

While the end goal of any marketing strategy is to generate increased profits for your business, every aspect of even the most exhaustive marketing campaign boils down to three simple concepts:

Impression  -  Revenue  -  Reputation

To be successful, you need to be highly effective in each of these three areas. Our marketing strategists will identify the areas in which your business is performing poorly and tailor a marketing solution to suit. Getting the balance right means you see the best return on your marketing investment.

To find out more, browse the following range of marketing guides that explain the solutions and services we offer. Find out what MercDigital can do for you! Use the content filter to learn more about how we can build your brand's online presence, reach new markets, engage with your audience, identify your most profitable customers, and increase your conversions and sales. We're happy to share our knowledge with you!

Scroll down to get even more advice and inspiration in the Related Articles section of our Knowledge Base. If you already know exactly where your business needs a boost, click straight to our solutions pages to learn more about MercDigital's Impression, Revenue, and Reputation building marketing services.


How easy is it for potential customers to find you? Is your online presence creating a favorable impression with consumers who are considering doing business with you? Offering a great impression is the only way to show your audience what it is that makes your business unique and compelling in an increasingly discerning marketplace. A great impression will bring in more leads! While a poor impression will send consumers straight to your competition.


Could you be making more money? Are you doing everything in your power to generate new leads and increase your sales? How much revenue is your current marketing strategy generating for your business?  Ready to scale but unsure of the best first step? Set your marketing goals and identify the best tactics to bring in more revenue for your business. Our expert strategists will help increase customer retention, identify new revenue streams, and boost your ROI.


How do you maintain your relationships with existing customers? Do your marketing efforts encourage repeat business from happy customers? Are your online reviews and brand mentions helping your business? Or is a negative rating crushing your reputation? Your online reputation determines whether or not a consumer will decide to do business with you. MercDigital makes it easy for you to nurture your client base and improve your online reputation.

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For a more personalized solution to your business’s marketing problems, speak to a MercDigital marketing expert and get the right advice for your business. We offer a free strategy session to identify your company's biggest opportunities for boosting your rate of return!

Find out which are the best marketing strategies and tools to build your business.

Use our Knowledge Base content filter to browse the range of marketing services and solutions tailored to improve your Impression, Revenue, or Reputation.

Advertising Intelligence

Advertising Intelligence is the term given to the concept of tracking and analyzing advertising data to gain actionable insights into ad spend and placement to better inform your digital marketing planning process. MercDigital uses Advertising Intelligence tools to track and analyze advertising data from across each channel of your marketing campaign.

Blog Posts

Businesses use blog articles to establish a strong online presence across their market. Regular blog posts build trust and establish your brand as an authority in your field. Links to your blog from your social media pages or from user-shared content is one of the best ways to drive new customers to your website.

Business Listing Services

Building your online reputation starts with building an online presence. Your business listing should be the first online entry you create for your new business, even before you set up your Facebook page! It can sometimes take several weeks for your listing to appear online across the many different online directories.

Custom Website Design

You only get one chance at making a great first impression! A great website design establishes your brand's online presence and creates a lasting impression. Your website appearance and the user experience it delivers determines how your audience views your company, whether or not they stay on your site, if they purchase, your conversion rate and sales revenue.

Customer Relationship Management

For many businesses, CRM tools are simply a way to collect and manage their customers’ information and purchase history to track the success of their marketing activities. But good CRM is all about building a relationship with your customers. MercDigital can help you make the most of your Customer Relationship Management efforts.

Display Ads Campaign

Display Ads give you the ability to get in front of the consumers most likely to be interested in your product or service. Target your competitors' customers, remarket your products and services to past website visitors, or highlight your brand with people that are browsing websites relevant to your business.

Domain Name Setup

MercDigital makes choosing and securing a domain name fast, simple, and affordable. We know how important it is to choose the right domain name for your business! When it comes to delivering a great online impression, your brand starts with your website's address and domain name.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most successful marketing methods for engaging with your customer base. Deliver your message direct to your customers with targeted and highly personalized emails: welcome emails, regular newsletters, seasonal promotions, triggered emails, sales follow-ups, and more… email gets your brand directly in front of your audience.

Facebook Ad Campaign

Boost your digital advertising with a managed Facebook Campaign. Get your brand and your company in front of your target audience via their social media feeds. Targeted ads backed by solid market research and consumer behavior analysis will increase brand awareness and make sure people find your before they find your competitors.

Google My Business

A Google My Business page is the most important business listing you can create for your company. Your Google My Business profile lets you easily connect and share with local customers across Google Search and Google Maps. It even has the added benefit of promoting events, new products, and your special offers.

Graphic Design

Do you need custom graphic design work to launch your brand or marketing campaign? Not sure where to start with creating an image or logo for your company? MercDigital offers a full logo and branding design service as well as designs and layouts for a complete range of printed advertising media.

Native Ads

Native ads are paid ads that don’t look like ads! They seamlessly integrate with social media feeds or website content so they don’t feel disruptive or intrusive. Businesses love native ads because they expose the reader to advertising without interrupting the user’s online experience, resulting in increased engagement and higher conversions.

Online Reputation Management

Reputation management aims to shape public perception of your brand by influencing online information and increasing the visibility of positive opinions. What people think of a brand influences everything about that brand. People won’t engage with your company if they don’t trust or believe in your brand’s message.

Online Reputation Repair

Online Reputation Management Is Yelp killing your business’s reputation online?What about Google? FaceBook? Better Business Bureau? Ripoff Report? Others?Are you a Professional that has damaging or embarrassing content about you online?We have solutions to these problems and can fix them quickly.We’re so confident in our ability to clean up your reputation that we offer you […]

Paid Google Ads

Turn Google searches into new website and storefront visitors for your business. Google Ads is an online advertising platform following the Pay-Per-Click model. Advertisers display brief advertisements on the Google search results page and pay each time a consumer clicks on their link. Google Ad campaign management can be time-consuming.

Premium Downloadable Content

Get more leads with premium content! Once you’ve attracted visitors to your website, the next important step is to convert those new visitors into qualified leads by gathering their contact information. MercDigital will show you how to grow qualified leads by offering something of value, like a free eBook or bonus PDF download.

SEO Optimization

Boost your Search Engine rank performance with MercDigital! Industry-leading technology gives MercDigital access to vast amounts of search data. Extensive experience gives us the knowledge on how to make that data work for you. We know how to get your website ranked higher on Google with both on-site and off-site SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Need help finding the best way to drive sales through your social media interactions and advertisements? MercDigital will help you achieve your marketing and branding goals with our fool-proof multi-channel social media marketing tactics. We can create and share original content on your social networks, and curate premium posts to share with your followers.

Get advice on how to build your business.

Read our latest articles for more advice on how to improve your business Impression, Revenue, and Reputation.

Beat Churn with Online Reputation Management

We all know that a business’s online reviews and reputation is vitally important, but how reviews are managed may be even more critical. Research shows that businesses who work to improve their online reputation see far better customer retention rates. But that’s not all: it’s the method used to manage your business reputation that matters most.

The Rise of Data-Driven Marketing

With business growth tied intimately to user experience, consumer data is now your most valuable marketing resource. Data-driven marketing strategies give you the insights you need to succeed. Data gives you the power to initiate personal and meaningful conversations with consumers – tailored to cater to their unique interests and behaviors, and offering solutions to their individual problems.

Lead Management Solutions for Your Business

Your business needs a streamlined process to attract buyers, nurture them, and then deliver win-ready leads straight to your sales team. MercDigital’s lead generation tactics will help your company increase brand awareness, engage your audience, build relationships, generate qualified leads, and ultimately close more deals.

How to Win Your Competitors’ Customers

What if you could get your ad directly in front of a ready-made target audience? What if you could use your competitors’ marketing budget to get leads for your business? Find out the best competitive marketing strategies and get tips on how to use competitive advertising to target your competitions’ customers across multiple channels.
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Sales went through the roof with the new email marketing and review requests systems MercDigital put in place. Working with their reps was easy and reassuring. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to bring in more customers.

Our company hadn’t kept up with Facebook and social media. We had information to put online but no time or experience with how to market ourselves in that format. Getting blog posts written and help setting up our social media presence was exactly what we needed to reach audiences we were missing out on.