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MercDigital’s foolproof marketing approach makes it easy for you to identify the barriers to your business success and make the changes needed to see immediate results. While the end goal of any marketing strategy is to generate increased profits for your business, every aspect of any marketing plan boils down to three simple concepts:

      - Impression

      - Revenue

      - Reputation

Revenue and Profit building


Your business success relies upon your ability to constantly generate more sales that will translate directly into increased revenue and profit, without bloated costs. MercDigital offers a range of strategies to generate more leads, identify your most profitable customers, increase your conversions and sales, and effectively boost your overall profitability.

Knowing how to manage your growth for scalable and sustainable success is essential. The most successful companies continually reinvent themselves to stay on top of a constantly changing consumer market – expanding into new markets, seeking out new revenue opportunities, and actively evaluating feedback from customers and then adapting products and sales strategies to suit.

Are you ready to scale your business? MercDigital’s revenue building strategies and solutions will identify the best marketing tactics to increase the profitability of your business


5Star Text Messages

5Star Text Messaging

Use text messages for an easy way to stay in touch with your customers. It’s interactive, immediate, cost-effective, and fully measurable.


Advertising Intelligence

Comprehensive tools to track and analyze advertising data from across your marketing campaigns for optimized ad spend.
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Anonymous Website Visitor ID

Grow your qualified leads with MercDigital’s anonymous website visitor identification, tracker, and real-time lead generation service.
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business listing distribution

Business Listing Distribution

Distribute your business details to over 300 online directories to ensure that your business details are accurate right across the web.
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Customer Voice

Customer Voice

This powerful customer feedback tool will help you use the voice of your loyal customers to improve word-of-mouth advertising and SEO.
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Digital Ad Setup

Digital Ads Setup

Kickoff your digital advertising campaign with targeting set-up, building ad assets, and initial deployment on search and social.
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Display Ads

Display Ad Campaign

Optimize ad spend with fully managed, highly targeted, geofenced custom banner ads. Serve valuable impressions to the right audience.
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Email Campaign

Email Campaign

We'll grow your loyal customer base with a targeted mix of promotional emails, informative how-to articles, discount offers, special event emails, and helpful industry news topics.
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to find new leads, send transactional emails, and stay top-of-mind with subscriber newsletters.
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Email Targeted List

Email Marketing Targeted List

Get access to a complete database of confirmed, opted-in consumers and business email addresses to start your email marketing.
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Facebook post boost

Facebook Boost

Use Facebook to promote your business to the right prospects at the right time. Bring in more leads, including your competitor’s customers!
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Facebook Campaign

Facebook Campaign

Boost your digital advertising with a managed Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign to extend your ad reach and conversion rates.
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Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads Campaign

Get on top of the Google search page and turn Google searches into new website and storefront visitors for your business.
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Google My Business Posts

Google My Business Posts

Stand out, and bring in more customers with regular posts, photos, events, and offers shared right to your Google Business profile each week.
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A LocalAds Display campaign uses smartphone GPS technology to deliver ads based on precise consumer location. Track your leads’ behavior both online and offline!
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Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

A Customer Loyalty Program is a great way to generate leads and nurture your existing customer base. Our tools make it easy!
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Native Ads

Native Ads

Build and expand the customer base of your business. Appealing, click-worthy native ads attract new customers to your website by establishing you as an authority in your field.
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Appointment Booking

Online Appointment Booking

Offer the functionalities that consumers are expecting from businesses. Empower your clients to book appointments online with real-time availabilities and automated reminders.

Premium PDF Downloads

Premium Content Downloads

Convert new website visitors into qualified leads by gathering their contact information. Offer interested consumers valuable downloadable content to build your email marketing list.
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SEO Boost

SEO Boost

Following an SEO Audit, we'll boost your SEO performance with keyword and copy optimization, website code enhancements, website structure cleanup, backlinks, and more.
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Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Our tools will help create a streamlined process for managing your presence across channels and posting on social media.
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Social Tracking

Social Tracking & Analytics

Improve your ROI. Find out which social channels are delivering more traffic, engagements, and conversions for your business.
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Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Stand out with unique company videos. Use professional videos for promotions, new product releases, how-to explainers, and more.
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Website Audit

Website Conversion Audit

Plenty of site visitors but low conversion rates? Our experts will identify problems with design, usability, and content to increase website and landing page conversions.

Website Design Services

Website Design

Enhance your presence with a complete mobile responsive, multi-page website for your products and services plus a high-conversion landing page.
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Website Design eCommerce

Website Design Advanced

MercDigital will design and create a complete 10-page, mobile responsive website including eCommerce integration and a high-conversion landing page.
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Website Design Landing Page

Website Landing Page

Make a great impression and boost your sales with a custom designed, mobile responsive, high-conversion landing page targeted to your audience.
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Website Plugins

Website Plugins

Streamline your website and grow your business with easy website widgets. Engage visitors, provide superior customer support, collect data, take easy online payments, and more.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ad Campaign

Harness the power of YouTube and reach the audience you need with targeted video ads! Showcase your brand in more engaging ways with professional video ads.
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Use the content filter to browse our articles and help pages for great advice tailored to help you boost your business revenue.

Beat Churn with Online Reputation Management

We all know that a business’s online reviews and reputation is vitally important, but how reviews are managed may be even more critical. Research shows that businesses who work to improve their online reputation see far better customer retention rates. But that’s not all: it’s the method used to manage your business reputation that matters most.

The Rise of Data-Driven Marketing

With business growth tied intimately to user experience, consumer data is now your most valuable marketing resource. Data-driven marketing strategies give you the insights you need to succeed. Data gives you the power to initiate personal and meaningful conversations with consumers – tailored to cater to their unique interests and behaviors, and offering solutions to their individual problems.

Understanding Native Advertising in 2019

As sponsored content becomes the biggest trend for digital advertising in 2019, find out how your business can benefit from native ads. Well-crafted native content leaves your audience with a favorable impression of your brand and faith in your expertise. It makes your brand look more credible, memorable, and, most importantly, trustworthy.

Lead Management Solutions for Your Business

Your business needs a streamlined process to attract buyers, nurture them, and then deliver win-ready leads straight to your sales team. MercDigital’s lead generation tactics will help your company increase brand awareness, engage your audience, build relationships, generate qualified leads, and ultimately close more deals.

How to Win Your Competitors’ Customers

What if you could get your ad directly in front of a ready-made target audience? What if you could use your competitors’ marketing budget to get leads for your business? Find out the best competitive marketing strategies and get tips on how to use competitive advertising to target your competitions’ customers across multiple channels.

How to Improve Online Impressions of your Business

Online impressions are created every time a consumer encounters (or doesn’t encounter!) your brand when looking for information. Impressions are created through your website, business listings, Facebook and Twitter pages, email communications, social media interactions, online reviews, and search engine results.

Digital Marketing Strategies with the Best Returns

Your customers and prospects are almost always online. Consumers are looking to engage with their favorite brands. People are actively searching for new information and answers to their questions. An effective digital marketing strategy provides your company with the best plan of action required to engage with your prospects and customers.

Using Video Content to Boost Conversion Rates

If you’re not using video in your marketing, you’re missing out. Video is recognized as the most dynamic content medium for advertising and audience engagement in 2019. Businesses need video content to survive and thrive online. Video ads are a great way to keep up with current digital marketing trends and people’s love of immersive content.

Defining Business Goals for a Bullet-Proof Marketing Strategy

Before jumping onboard with an exciting new marketing strategy to overhaul your business, it’s worthwhile breaking down your business goals and clearly defining marketing priorities for your company. Having a clear picture of your business’s current situation as well as your future goals will allow you to evaluate your marketing options.

Let MercDigital’s simple IRR marketing philosophy work for you. 
We can turn your advertising dollars into pure profit.

Find out more about the range of solutions MercDigital offers for improving your business:


Are potential customers able to easily find your business online and in local searches? Are you delivering a great first impression when people do find you online?


Your business success relies upon your ability to constantly increase your revenue and profit. Are you doing everything you can to improve your business returns?


Do you need to improve your reviews and online reputation? Share your successes and increase the visibility of positive opinions with reputation management.

Complete Range of Marketing Services

Our Knowledge

We focus on data-driven research & analytics, SEO, paid search, PPC, written & video content, social media, audience engagement, targeted conversion, and direct-response advertising. Need advice on planning a successful marketing campaign, or inspiration for boosting sales and improving your ROI? Browse our latest marketing articles here...

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The MercDigital team will oversee all aspects of your digital marketing efforts. We take a hands-on approach for fully managed digital marketing campaigns. Comprehensive, real-time reporting keeps you up-to-date with the impact of your advertising strategies.

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Your success is our success. Our sole purpose is to generate tons of new revenue for our clients! We want to kickstart your business with traffic generation, conversion, retargeting, and customer nurturing strategies that keep your customers happy.

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Sales went through the roof with the new email marketing and review requests systems MercDigital put in place. Working with their reps was easy and reassuring. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to bring in more customers.

Our company hadn’t kept up with Facebook and social media. We had information to put online but no time or experience with how to market ourselves in that format. Getting blog posts written and help setting up our social media presence was exactly what we needed to reach audiences we were missing out on.

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Our highly talented team of digital strategists, content marketers, social media specialists, and designers will help you reach your growth goals. We take a results-driven approach using analytics and reporting systems with full transparency, so you stay in control.

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