Are your happy customers telling people about your business?
Are your unhappy customers killing your online reputation?

MercDigital’s foolproof marketing approach makes it easy for you to identify the barriers to your business success and make the changes needed to see immediate results. While the end goal of any marketing strategy is to generate increased profits for your business, every aspect of any marketing plan boils down to three simple concepts:

- Impression

- Revenue

- Reputation

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Reputation management aims to shape public perception of your brand by influencing online information and increasing the visibility of positive opinions. What people think of a brand influences everything about that brand. People won’t engage with your company if they don’t trust or believe in your brand’s message.

The only truly effective way to build a positive online reputation is through authentic engagement with your audience, great customer service, strong content marketing, and timely responses to brand mentions. Reputation management uses the concept of social proof to enhance your online standing through testimonials, social shares, and personal storytelling. Good Customer Experience Management processes encourage your happy customers to share their experiences with the world.

How To Improve Your Company’s Reputation

How does your business maintain relationships with your customers?
How do you get repeat business?
How do you make sure your customers are happy after the sale?
How do you handle unhappy customers without it damaging the impression that potential new customers might have?
What are your business rivals doing?
How can you get one step ahead of the competition?

MercDigital has the answers you need. We offer a range of Customer Management tools and solutions for your Reputation Management challenges. With our help, your business will present consistent information across the web with social proof of customer engagement, responsiveness, and industry expertise. We’ll use social listening to monitor business mentions, help you strengthen your online community, create effective customer loyalty programs, and show you how public opinion can be used to automatically nurture your leads.

MercDigital will actively monitor and manage your online reputation. We’ll cultivate a strong online reputation for your business through curation of informative reviewspremium online listings, and social mediaWe’ll monitor mentions of your business across the web including news sites, blogs, review platforms, and social networks. We’ll ensure the information presented about your business is accurate. We can highlight positive reviews, and help you manage negative sentiments. Real-time reports and alerts will show you how your brand is faring in online conversations. By compiling existing reviews about your company, products, and staff from around the web, we can help your business get an accurate picture of current customer service successes and areas with the greatest potential growth.

Our competitor benchmarking analysis will show you where you stand within your industry. We’ll find out what your business rivals doing and show you how to get one step ahead of the competition. MercDigital will make you stand out with solid social proof of performance.

If existing negative online content is killing your business, repairing your reputation must be a priority. We can permanently remove damaging content on the internet from sites like Yelp, YouTube, Better Business Bureau, and more. Our Online Reputation Repair services help you to protect and defend your business name. Our expertise covers a range of business and personal services aimed at protecting your privacy and reputation. If old photographs, news articles, or private court documents are causing you professional embarrassment, you can do something about it! We’ll remove inaccurate or embarrassing content and get it off your search results page.

If you need help to improve your business’s reputation, or to cultivate a great relationship with your prospects and existing customers, the following range of marketing tactics and solutions will help you take control of your online reputation.



Use text messages for an easy way to stay in touch with your customers. It’s interactive, immediate, cost-effective, and fully measurable.



Secure your business reputation by claiming your listing across directories. Claiming a listing verifies you as the owner and proves that you are authorized to maintain the data displayed.



Boost your online impact with a responsive, mobile-friendly business listing for your company optimized for local searches with Google Maps.



Distribute your business details to over 300 online directories to ensure that your business details are accurate right across the web.



We’ll grow your loyal customer base with a targeted mix of promotional emails, informative how-to articles, discount offers, special event emails, and helpful industry news topics.



Email marketing is an inexpensive way to find new leads, send transactional emails, and stay top-of-mind with subscriber newsletters.



Boost your digital advertising with a managed Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign to extend your ad reach and conversion rates.



Get on top of the Google search page and turn Google searches into new website and storefront visitors for your business.



Stand out, and bring in more customers with regular posts, photos, events, and offers shared right to your Google Business profile each week.



A Customer Loyalty Program is a great way to generate leads and nurture your existing customer base. Our tools make it easy!



See where you stand with competitive benchmarking, business listing management, online monitoring, and review compilation.



Customers feel valued when their voice is heard. Managed reviews will improve your online reputation, strengthen customer’s loyalty, and increase sales..



MercDigital’s marketing strategists will help manage your reputation with active monitoring of online business mentions, and custom responses to all written positive and negative reviews.



Our tools will help create a streamlined process for managing your presence across channels and posting on social media.



MercDigital can get you listed across a range of social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest for Business, or Foursquare account.



Our social media strategists can help you maintain your social media presence by preparing and publishing regular social posts.



Improve your ROI. Find out which social channels are delivering more traffic, engagements, and conversions for your business.



Stand out with unique company videos. Use professional videos for promotions, new product releases, how-to explainers, and more.



Highlight your brand and products with video testimonials. We make it easy to present social proof with video reviews from real-life customers.



Audit, test, and optimize your website for higher conversion rates. Reduce the cost per acquisition for PPC campaigns and digital advertising.



77% of consumers agree that Live Chat improves a business’s reputation. Offer a convenient connection for customer conversations with a widget for your website.



We make it easy to manage and maintain the backend of your website – we offer managed web hosting, backups, security, content updates, and website import services.

Use the content filter to browse our articles and help pages for great advice tailored to help you improve your business’s online Impression.

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Are potential customers able to easily find your business online and in local searches? Are you delivering a great first impression when people do find you online?


Your business success relies upon your ability to constantly increase your revenue and profit. Are you doing everything you can to improve your business returns?


Do you need to improve your reviews and online reputation? Share your successes and increase the visibility of positive opinions with reputation management.

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We focus on data-driven research & analytics, SEO, paid search, PPC, written & video content, social media, audience engagement, targeted conversion, and direct-response advertising. Need advice on planning a successful marketing campaign, or inspiration for boosting sales and improving your ROI? Browse our latest marketing articles here...

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The MercDigital team will oversee all aspects of your digital marketing efforts. We take a hands-on approach for fully managed digital marketing campaigns. Comprehensive, real-time reporting keeps you up-to-date with the impact of your advertising strategies.


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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes the range of advertising and marketing efforts that use the internet or an electronic device. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, their website, online store, business blog, video, email, and SMS to connect with current and prospective customers.

What is Data Driven Marketing?

Data-driven marketing refers to advertising and marketing strategies built on insights gained from the analysis of big data. This data is collected through actual consumer interactions and engagements. Analyzing this data provides a solid foundation for decision making. It can be used to make predictions about future behaviors and to develop targeted marketing campaigns to influence consumers. The goal of data-driven marketing is to offer a personalized customer experience, enhance the reputation of your brand, and optimize sales conversions. Take the guesswork and risk out of your marketing decisions with access to actionable insights from solid data and analytics.

What are some examples of Digital Marketing

There are an ever-increasing number of ways brands can use digital marketing to benefit their marketing efforts, increase sales, and build brand awareness. Digital marketing tactics and methods include search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, e-commerce, social media marketing, social media influencing, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, display advertising, eBook downloads, market segmentation, re-targeting, in-game advertising, user-generated content, and building customer loyalty with customer relationship management tools.

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