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Ready to launch your business via social media? Need advice on social media marketing, or help finding the best way to drive sales through your social media interactions and advertisements? MercDigital has a range of marketing tactics and tools that work together to boost your social media campaigns.

MercDigital will help you achieve your marketing and branding goals with our foolproof multi-channel social media marketing tactics. We can create and share original content on your social networks, write and promote original articles from your website, and curate the best industry news from across your niche to share with your followers.


The first step towards improving your ROI (and reducing the cost per click across your social campaigns) is to understand which social channels are delivering more traffic and content engagement for your business. MercDigital offers a range of social media tools that allow you to track and analyze your social media views and engagements. Once you know who is engaging and how your brand is tracking online, you can target your content to optimize campaign performance.

We have the experience to grow your brand on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, and more. Our social marketing experts will show you how to use your social media platforms and website to promote your products and services. We understand the latest marketing trends and algorithms, and can ensure your social posts reach a wider audience of people who are more likely to want to hear about your brand.

MercDigital can provide services for:

Because effective social marketing requires a steady stream of relevant content. Your business needs a streamlined system to manage and schedule your content, easily find new content to share, source new leads, and analyse engagement.

MercDigital makes it simple to manage your social media accounts with our Social Marketing service. We offer your business tools that allow you to post to each of your accounts from one place and at the click of a button. You can tweak posts to create individualized content for your various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

You can publish or schedule in advance for a steady flow of content. If you need more expert help, you can have us handle your social media posts, or we can work together to ensure a regular flow of diverse content for your followers. Our social marketing platform includes a quick-glance social post calendar that shows you your posting schedule and upcoming posts across each platform to make advance planning easy.

Our social marketing tools can help you generate new leads by setting up lead searches based on keywords. We’ll find out who’s talking about services and products you offer and help you to engage with them. Geotagging even lets you know when potential customers near you are talking about products or services you provide so you can take immediate action to promote your brand.

Ready-to-post content from related RSS feeds makes it easy for you to offer your audience timely and relevant information that’s proven to engage. In the one place, you can use your Google My Business page to promote your events, make special announcements, and create offers to drive interest about specific services and products you offer.


Post everywhere from the one place

Our Social Marketing service gives you access to a simple-to-use platform with one place to publish and schedule posts for all your social media accounts.


Engage with followers

Social Marketing enables businesses to build deeper relationships with their customers. You can discover and respond to customer comments or share interesting and relevant content—all from a single social media management tool.


Generate social leads

With Social Marketing, you can easily discover new leads and engage them with the click of a button. Configure keyword searches and geo-targeting to find and engage with your target audience.



Social Marketing works great and looks beautiful on any device, so you can post fresh content and respond to customers on the go. It’s easily configurable for multiple users so you can get instant notifications on new leads, customer replies, and more.


Have a special occasion coming up for your business? Or do you want to capitalize on social buzz around a specific date or event like New Year’s Eve, Black Friday sales, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween. Take advantage of traditional bumps in consumer spending on major retail dates by having social media posts ready to attract customers and generate profits for your business.

With MercDigital’s one-off social post service, we’ll create a relevant and timely post to share across your social channels. For extra impact, you can supply your own original image, or we can add on a single custom image. With a Single Custom Image add-on, our graphic design team will create or enhance an image to help draw attention to your post and help deliver the right message. Visually appealing and branded custom images make social posts look more professional and are more engaging and shareable.


MercDigital’s expert social media strategists can help you maintain your social media presence by preparing and publishing regular social media posts. People follow their favorite brands on social media for a range of reasons including access to discounts, being the first to hear about new products, for up-to-date industry information, the latest news, and for relevant entertaining content. Regular social posts keep followers interested, help to grow your audience, and build brand loyalty.

MercDigital can manage your social media calendar with two posts published each week on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Published content will be balanced between active marketing posts and general interest content. We will aim to generate higher converting leads by boosting brand awareness and generating buzz around your products. Regular strategy and content meetings will ensure a cohesive approach across your digital marketing campaigns.

Additional posts on Google My Business, Instagram, or Pinterest can also be included. For businesses in the architecture, interior design, landscaping, and home improvement niches, posts can also be made on Houzz. As with our One-Time Social Post option, you can choose to include custom designed images or video content in your custom social posts.


Reach a wider audience with our managed Facebook’s post boost. This add-on will ensure greater exposure and engagement with your Facebook posts. Our marketing strategists will work with you to determine the best targeting options to help you reach more qualified leads with your social posts. Facebook Boost is ideal tactic to reach new audiences, to re-target interested consumers, and raise awareness of your brand. The advantage of boosted posts is the ability to reach beyond your current followers and their friends. You can set your budget, and then select your Facebook post boost audiences by demographics, location, interests, behavior, and more!

For a high-impact social media campaign aimed at driving sales and generating new leads for your business, a fully managed Facebook Ad campaign might be the best marketing tactic for your brand.


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We focus on data-driven research & analytics, SEO, paid search, PPC, written & video content, social media, audience engagement, targeted conversion, and direct-response advertising. Need advice on planning a successful marketing campaign, or inspiration for boosting sales and improving your ROI? Browse our latest marketing articles here...

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The MercDigital team will oversee all aspects of your digital marketing efforts. We take a hands-on approach for fully managed digital marketing campaigns. Comprehensive, real-time reporting keeps you up-to-date with the impact of your advertising strategies.


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our success is our success. Our sole purpose is to generate tons of new revenue for our clients! We want to kickstart your business with traffic generation, conversion, retargeting, and customer nurturing strategies that keep your customers happy.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes the range of advertising and marketing efforts that use the internet or an electronic device. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, their website, online store, business blog, video, email, and SMS to connect with current and prospective customers.

What is Data Driven Marketing?

Data-driven marketing refers to advertising and marketing strategies built on insights gained from the analysis of big data. This data is collected through actual consumer interactions and engagements. Analyzing this data provides a solid foundation for decision making. It can be used to make predictions about future behaviors and to develop targeted marketing campaigns to influence consumers. The goal of data-driven marketing is to offer a personalized customer experience, enhance the reputation of your brand, and optimize sales conversions. Take the guesswork and risk out of your marketing decisions with access to actionable insights from solid data and analytics.

What are some examples of Digital Marketing

There are an ever-increasing number of ways brands can use digital marketing to benefit their marketing efforts, increase sales, and build brand awareness. Digital marketing tactics and methods include search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, e-commerce, social media marketing, social media influencing, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, display advertising, eBook downloads, market segmentation, re-targeting, in-game advertising, user-generated content, and building customer loyalty with customer relationship management tools.

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