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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Beginners

By Michelle Richards | May 18, 2019

Need tips on how to promote your brand on Social Media?
Social media marketing is no longer optional for businesses in 2019. If you need customers, you need social media. The most successful way to market your business on social media is not to market it at all. Instead, build a community of engaged fans and loyal supporters who will share your passion with you. Social media is unique in providing an interactive platform that allows brands to engage and interact with their customers and target audience.

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Killer Marketing for Startups

Killer Marketing Plans for Startups

By Jeremy Louder | May 14, 2019

Need a plan and some advice for marketing your startup? Hit the ground running with digital marketing help from MercDigital. Finally taking that step to launch yourself into the business world can be exhilarating! Marketing a startup takes time and commitment. When you’re starting from scratch, you’re usually limited in the most important marketing resources – time, money, and experience.

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The MercDigital Marketing Advantage

By Jeremy Louder | May 10, 2019

Explode your sales! Get help from the experts with simple digital marketing strategies that will see you take advantage of online growth opportunities for your business. Don’t miss out on potential sales for your brand!

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